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The Buena Vista Board of Trustees (BOT) will be holding their bi-monthly meeting this Tuesday, January 24 in the Pinion Room of the BV Community Center. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. and is open for all within the community to attend. The agenda includes discussion of a power contract between the town and Sangre de Cristo Electric, as well as whether or not to allow City Market to sell wine on its premises.

Mayor Libby Fay takes her seat after being sworn in at the Buena Vista Board of Trustees’ April 26 meeting. Fay is Buena Vista’s fourth woman mayor. Photo by Hannah Harn.

As usual, the meeting will begin with opening the floor to public comment. To obtain a spot to speak you must sign up in person before the meeting starts. Once public comment is finished, the meeting will move on to its scheduled business items.

The meeting will open with a discussion on whether to appoint Town Administrator Lisa Parnell-Rowe as an alternate for the Buena Vista seat on the Chaffee Housing Authority Board.

The BOT will then discuss whether to approve a new franchise agreement between the Town of BV and Sangre de Cristo Electric Association. If approved, the franchise agreement would allow the Town to “furnish, sell, and distribute electricity to the town and all residents of the town”, according to the meeting packet available here.

Next, the BOT will vote on approving a final adjustment for the 2022 budget. This budget covers the period from the first day of January 2022 to the last day of December 2022.

The last item of note for the Buena Vista Trustees is consideration of a permanent modification of the liquor premise for City Market. This will likely be whether or not to allow the sale of wine inside the City Market in BV. The liquor license already includes the sale of beer and malt beverages within the store premises.