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The Buena Vista (BV) Board of Trustees will meet for a work session at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 25 to introduce the finalists for the open town administrator position. The regular meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and contain public hearings concerning the water dedication and allocation policy, The Crossing major subdivision plat and rezoning approval, and proposed changes to the Block 25 alleyway right of way in South Main. The Board will also consider final approval of phase one of the Carbonate Street project.

At the work session, Town Administrator finalists will each have up to ten minutes to introduce themselves and share why they are interested in the position. There will also be a fifteen-minute question and answer session following introductions to allow the mayor and trustees to ask their specific questions. Members of the public attending the meeting may also ask questions as time allows.

The finalists for the Buena Vista Town Administrator position include Town of Poncha Springs Administrator and Treasurer Brian Berger, former Durango Assistant Finance Director Jarrod Biggs, and former Parker Assistant Town Administrator Dannette Garcia.

During the regular session, the Board will consider approval of an ordinance to amend Chapter 13 and 16 of the Municipal Code related to water allocation, dedication, and reservation in a public hearing per discussions in their July 11 meeting.

The Crossing Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held regarding The Crossing, a major subdivision project. The Board will consider a request to rezone The Crossing subdivision and the preliminary plat for phase one of this project.

This ordinance would rezone portions of Blocks 7 and 11 Crossman’s addition and adjacent rights of way from general residential to high-density residential and amend the Town’s official zoning map.

The Crossing Phase 1 Site Plan from the July 25 Buena Vista Board of Trustees Meeting Packet.

The final approval for phase 1 of the Carbonate Street project will be considered. Should the Board pass the resolution, they will approve the development agreement, restrictive covenants (deed restriction), and authorization of the Town Administrator to close on the conveyance of property to developer Fading West.

A public hearing will be held to consider the dedication of portions of South Main Street and proposed changes to the Block 25 alley right of way. If approved, the Town will vacate the alleyway and subdivide the property to dedicate two new rights of way for public use.

The Consent Agenda for the July 25 meeting includes the Town Clerk report, the adoption of a resolution to approve the application of a Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF) grant for funding to pay for infrastructure to support affordable housing at The Crossing development, and the adoption of a resolution accepting an agreement with JVA, INC for the infiltration gallery expansion project bidding, construction administration, and engineering services.

The Town Treasurer, Public Works Director, and Recreation Supervisor will deliver staff reports. The Board will move into executive session at the end of the regular meeting “to determine positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations, develop a strategy for negotiations, and/or instruct negotiators concerning the Town Administrator candidates.”

The full information packet for Tuesday’s meeting is available online here.