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At their regular meeting on Monday, September 26, the Buena Vista Board of Education welcomed newly-appointed School Board member Olivia Bartlett and swore her into office. Bartlett, Director for District D, is filling the position left by Nancy Best.

Olivia Bartlett, new Director for District D, swears into office with School Board President Suzette Hachmann on Monday, September 26, 2022. Photo by Hannah Harn.

Abe Hachmann of Hachmann Design and Engineering, who does facilities and maintenance planning with the district, also presented an update on the plans and property for the preschool update. The district had originally paused its work on the preschool expansion, but they’ve been awarded a significant grant to be able to continue the design, as Superintendent Lisa Yates explained.

The preschool expansion will add additional classrooms, office space, and new layouts for pick-up and drop-off. Hachmann also detailed the potential need for new fire suppression systems, adjusting the color scheme and design for continuity, and reusing and updating the existing playground equipment.

“That North Grove addition becomes the simpler and easier project for the district because we don’t have to have the extra component of moving the maintenance building maintenance staff into a different building,” Hachmann said, explaining the plan for the North Grove addition. “Preschool, as we move through the project, will be impacted but they would be at either location…There’ll be questions and concerns and problems that we’ll have to solve along the way to make that happen, but all overcome well, all much less than we’ve done previously in this district.”

The board also later voted to extend the Resolution Regarding Facility Development, originally passed in February of 2021, running through November. The extension, allowing concept proposals and estimates prepared for board review to November 30, 2022, was approved unanimously.

“What we were supposed to be bringing is this concept at the next level with a better cost estimate,” Yates said. “And because we took a pause, we haven’t been able to do that. So the extension of the resolution would allow a longer period for us to bring the next level concept, though not the full design.”

Chaffee County High School Graduation Requirements

The board also discussed the graduation requirements for Chaffee County High School, originally presented to the board by Christine Bailey and Kelly Chandler of CCHS. What’s changed is the course requirements.

“The core credits, English, math, science, and social studies don’t change at all, and we’re still 30 credits,” Yates explained. “You still have the work-based learning credit, one health credit, but everything else is an elective, and that just honors that each student there is on their own path.”

Additionally, the new assessment requirements will shift to mirror BVHS, meaning “a student could demonstrate their college and career readiness through a BBS central assessment” as approved at BVHS. Lastly, the competencies were condensed down to “executive functioning, personal well-being, interpersonal skills, real-world connections, [and] post-secondary workforce readiness.”

“CCHS students will be in their online Edgenuity course for one block and then for the next block, everyone, whatever the period of time is, let’s just say it’s October, will all be working together on personal well-being,” Yates said, explaining the school’s block model. “The credits haven’t changed. Competencies haven’t changed. We just added a test so it matches the program better.”

Yates shared that a few students have already taken advantage of the elective model, enrolling in diverse classes that fit their goals. The board approved the change unanimously, with director Brett Mitchell complimenting the new model.

The board’s next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday, October 10, 2022. Meetings are held at the District Administration Building, located at 113 N. Court Street.