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Town of Buena Vista Trustees will begin their meeting at 6 p.m.Tuesday, Sept. 10 with a work session on the growing need for capital expenditures to fund upgrades to emergency services, including the fire and police departments. The trustees will get background information regarding the potential to field a tax question on the town’s April ballot.

A second work session focuses on what a countywide housing authority is and why the county might begin to consider this step to help address the county’s housing challenges. During the regular meeting, Chaffee Housing Director Becky Gray will discuss the inventory of the town’s lot holdings, to assess which might hold the most potential for affordable housing concepts.

The 7 p.m. regular meeting also includes a presentation by Gray and Chaffee Director of Public Health Andrea Carlstrom on the Health Equities Grant awarded to the county to help address the impact of safe or unsafe housing on overall health and identify potential housing solutions to improve health outcomes.

Other agenda items include a possible ordinance to address a request by Charlie Chupp of Fading West Homes LLC for a PUD (Planned Unit Development) modification for the proposed Colorado Center PUD.

Trustees will also get an update on camping code enforcement – addressing the camping going on with special events, seasonal and transient camping, and activity on private property, for potential policy revisions and/or code changes.