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The Buena Vista Board of Trustees will meet for their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 25. Town staff and community members may attend the meeting virtually to participate in Public Comments and Public Hearings.

Buena Vista’s town hall doors. AVV file photo.

Principal Planner Mark Doering will present the Planning and Zoning Commission and the town staff’s proposal to amend certain sections of Titles 7, 8, and 16 of the Buena Vista Municipal Code concerning single room occupancy, multifamily dwellings in the Highway Commercial District, and creation of the Small Lot Single-Family Residential District (R-1.5) zone district.

The changes will exempt certain small multifamily dwellings from site plan requirements. Another ordinance would amend the Unified Development Code, creating the Small Lot Single-Family Residential (R-1.5) zone district.

These amendments to the Municipal and Unified Development Codes (UDC) will allow a new land use, a new zone district (R-1.5), and allow for a new multifamily configuration within the Highway Commercial zone district. The changes mean that freestanding apartments can be developed without the existing requirement for them to be part of a vertically mixed-use building.

They also allow for a Small Multifamily building with four or fewer units to be built without a Minor Site Plan review if the existing infrastructure does not need to be constructed for the development. The changes are intended to allow for more residential housing to be constructed if pursued. 

Staff previously approached the Planning Commission on June 16, 2021, for guidance on drafting proposed code recommendations that could allow the creation of multi-tenant units within Town limits that can be easily achieved by making small changes to the current UDC, as well as the creation of a new Single-Room Occupancy use that would allow for multiple households to locate in a single residential structure with a common kitchen.

The Board will also review and discuss the process for amending compensation amounts for the Mayor and Trustees. The current rates defined in Section 2-25(d) of the Buena Vista Municipal Code are $250 per month for Trustees and $350 per month for the Mayor.

Staff compiled compensation amounts from other similar-sized Colorado municipalities utilizing the Colorado Municipal League (CML) Compensation Survey System and directly from municipal contacts. If the Board wants to adjust the compensation amounts for future Mayor and Trustee terms, they will make a motion directing staff to draft an Ordinance amending section 2-25(d) of the Buena Vista municipal code with new compensation amounts for the Mayor and Trustees. An adjustment to the budget would be included in the ordinance to reflect changed compensation rates. 

The board will also vote on a resolution to adopt a final adjusted and supplemental budget for the town in 2021, as well as a resolution to adopt the final supplemental appropriations for the town in 2021.