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“Bust of an Oriental Woman” by Cesare Biseo 1880 (mask: 2020) courtesy of Stay Safe! Salida.

Stay Safe! Salida is seeking local artists to create poster art that helps encourage safety through the use of facemasks.

Designs should work in a square format and communicate the message that we are all in this together and masks will help defeat the COVID-19 virus. Artists may use other serious or humorous graphics to communicate this message. The submission deadline is now mid-August (it has been extended from the previous July 31 deadline to include more artists).

Stay Safe! Salida is a poster campaign that attempts to spread the word that wearing a mask is in everyone’s best interest. Wearing a mask in public helps protect you and it protects those around you.

The organization aims to use art as a way to spread the message. The posters are mounted on sandwich boards and placed throughout Salida. Smaller posters will also be placed in business windows.

Salida is the focus, but all Chaffee County residents are invited to participate. There are a limited number of sandwich boards available. Contact to participate.

Click here for more information on the project guidelines.

Featured image: Don’t be a Cow*ard…Wear A Mask! © Laura Barton. Image courtesy of Stay Safe! Salida.