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Director Andrea Carlstrom, second row, left, and the members of the Chaffee County Public Health Department.

Dear Editor,

Over this holiday weekend, I can’t help but feel tremendous gratitude despite such uncertain and challenging times.

I am grateful for a public health team that is dedicated, thoughtful, and determined, even on a bad day. Cassondra Franco’s impressive skills with all things Google Docs, Emily Anderson’s creativity and knack with words, Sandra Morgan’s ongoing case investigation and contact tracing, Sarah Adams’ fielding of phone calls and social media comments, Miki Hodge’s energy and insights into communications, Wano Urbonas’ tireless efforts with guiding restaurant, grocery store, and lodging operations, and a whole host of other amazing, talented public health professionals who have figured out ways to continue offering our services and programs virtually are truly what make up this special county department.

I am so appreciative of the coordination and collaboration that is taking place throughout county, between municipalities, elected officials, administrators, school districts, healthcare stakeholders and providers, emergency responders and management, chambers of commerce and visitors’ bureau, human services and nonprofits, and other partners who are vital to Chaffee County’s ability to stare down and beat COVID-19.

Our local media outlets have been so supportive and understanding when we don’t have all of the answers at our fingertips, and our community has demonstrated that Chaffee County is strong, resilient, and caring, even under the toughest circumstances experienced in most of our lifetimes. Thank you, Chaffee County, for prioritizing health, for making sacrifices to save lives, for being innovative with the resources we do have, and for making Chaffee County the best place to live. We’ll get through this together, stronger than ever.

Andrea Carlstrom,
Director, Chaffee County Public Health