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Payton Bondurant from Lakewood, fishes with her grandmother at Lake Frantz. (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

Salida’s 4th of July festivities started early Thursday morning, with the 2019 Kid’s Fishing Derby, hosted by 25 Trout Unlimited Collegiate Peaks Chapter.

The 2019 Kid’s 4th of July Fishing Derby saw nearly 340 people dispersed around Frantz Lake, Parks and Wildlife encouraged parents, with a valid license, to stay and fish following the event.

The kids met the co-chairs for Trout Unlimited, Ann and Henry Klaiman in the registration tent. Parks and Wildlife passed out poles and bait, assisted in setting up fishing poles for the kids.

The start time was 9:45 a.m., and within 10 minutes some of the 146 contestants were reeling in their first fish.

This year’s derby featured seven categories of winners. Henry Klaiman announced categories and winners of the 4th of July Fishing Derby:

The youngest child to catch a fish: Elliot Crane, Age 2.

Sofia Wilbur traveled from Tampa, Fla. to participate in the derby. Also pictured, Ann Klaiman. (Photo By Taylor Sumners)

First fish caught Senior Anglers: Levi Hamilton, in two minutes.

First fish caught Junior Anglers: Paisley Criswell, 3.

The child who traveled the furthest was Sofia Wilbur from Tampa, Fla. (1,851 miles to visit Salida).

Longest fish caught Junior Anglers: Curtis Martin caught a 13-inch trout.

Longest fish caught Senior Anglers: Bradley Luna caught a 12-inch trout.

Most Interesting Catch: Finn Madden caught a Small Mouth Bass, 10.5 inches.

Most Interesting Catch: Brody Zelezniker caught two fish at the same time, on the same line.

Elliot Crane, Age 2, the youngest to catch a fish (Photo By Taylor Sumners)

The event organizers say that 2015 was their highest participation, but were pleased with the 2019 turnout. “[That year] we ran out of hot dogs and had to send someone out to the store, we have been better prepared since then.”

The event ended with a hot dog lunch, free t-shirts for contestants and parents, and big smiles on the faces of the kids.