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Together Chaffee County Drop-ins Ask – ‘Did We Hear You Right?’

After five months of input meetings and public sessions listening to what residents believe is important for the development of the new Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan, the county and its planning consultant want to know – did they hear you right? The public will have two opportunities this coming week to drop in and weigh in on the draft comprehensive plan.

You can tell them either ‘You heard me right’ or — ‘That’s not what I said.”

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Definition of a “land parcel” on the agenda for Chaffee Board of Adjustment Hearing

“As for the determination of the meaning of “lot, parcel, tract” as it appears in the County’s definition of kennel, the Court agrees with Defendants. 11555 Antelope Road and 11600 Antelope Road are each their own distinct parcels and have not been consolidated pursuant to C.R.S. §30-28-139.”

Magistrate Amanda Hunter

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Community Garden to work with Town of Poncha Springs

One item for discussion on the agenda was an update on the Community Garden from volunteer Bret Collyer. In addition to the community garden update, Collyer presented a need in requesting additional funding for the garden in the 2020 budget and establishing an agreement with the Town to share the cost of a garden administrator and caretaker.

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