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Donovan sponsors “Repeal Ban on Local Gov. Regulation of Plastics” bill

“Our state has a shared value of environmental stewardship, Repealing the ban on local government regulations of plastics would be a great step forward so that individual communities can create policy around plastics and waste that local leaders see as being in their communities best interests.”
Kerry Donovan
Colorado State Senator, District 5

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Envision Forest Health Council finalizes Chaffee County Wildfire Protection Plan Draft

The latest meeting of the Envision Forest Health Council this past Wednesday yielded big results. After months of work, the highly-engaged group finalized the draft plan for what is being called the Next Gen CWPP, which stands for Community Wildfire Protection Plan. That draft document sets out some big 2020 goals and identifies treatment areas and sub-teams for efforts designed to protect Chaffee and Fremont counties from wildfire incidents.

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Together Chaffee County Drop-ins Ask – ‘Did We Hear You Right?’

After five months of input meetings and public sessions listening to what residents believe is important for the development of the new Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan, the county and its planning consultant want to know – did they hear you right? The public will have two opportunities this coming week to drop in and weigh in on the draft comprehensive plan.

You can tell them either ‘You heard me right’ or — ‘That’s not what I said.”

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