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A conversation with Ward 2 Salida City Council-elect Mike Pollock

“I don’t have many worries about the city necessarily, but I am a peacemaker. I don’t like people to fight and I worry about too much fighting happening. Sometimes it sounds like two voices fighting, left and right, but no, it’s the extremes that are fighting. The middle people are sensible, but that is not what is being covered in the news.”

Mike Pollock
Council-elect for Salida Ward 3

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A conversation with Salida City Council-elect for Ward 3, Alisa Pappenfort

“Collaboration means hearing all the different viewpoints and then trying to come up with a compromise that does the most good for the most people. I think that when you’re looking at the fringes, the people who always say no, the people who always say yes, you’re never going to please those people. I expect that if everybody is a little bit mad at you all the time that means that you’re being successful with compromise.”

Alisa Pappenfort
Salida City Counci-elect

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A Conversation with City of Salida treasurer-elect, Merrell Bergin

“The city needs to play an increasing role in developing livable wage jobs in Salida. Affordable housing by itself does not help if wages don’t keep up. We have made some progress already on affordable housing and are headed to forming a Regional Housing Authority.  It is clear that this is the right direction, but we have a long way to go.  We need to work closely with the County, Poncha Springs and Buena Vista, as this is a valley-wide issue.”
Merrell Bergin
City of Salida

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A conversation with Mayor of the City of Salida P.T. Wood

“You can’t force people to go out and participate in the community. What you can do is provide active opportunities for folks to participate … leading by example, doing good stuff and being a contributing member in the community. That inspires other people to go out and do the same thing.”
P.T. Wood
Mayor of Salida

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League of Women Voters to host Salida incumbent forum

Salida Mayor, Council Members, and Treasurer will each have 2 minutes to provide their introductory remarks immediately proceeding  with a “meet and greet” one-on-one opportunities for attendees to chat with their city government representatives. The candidate elects that will be attending are Mayor P.T. Wood, Councilwoman Jane Templeton, Councilman Elect Mike Pollock, Councilwoman Elect Alisa Pappenfort, and Treasurer Elect Merrell Bergin. 

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