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The Chaffee County Fight Over Masks; Salida Moves Ahead While Law Enforcement Balks

Having waited for a couple of weeks while the group has done what can only be described as “tiptoeing” around the issue, the city of Salida gave up waiting on united county messaging.
“I’ve been saying this for a week and it’s been ignored. The city and the chamber have gone out and done our own thing. We’re happy to share that with everybody…but we’re ahead on this and our messaging is already out there and should be at the forefront. Our message is ‘Hey we’re wearing a mask – this is why’.”
P.T. Wood
Salida Mayor

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Chaffee County submits COVID-19 reopening variance request to Governor’s office and CDPHE

“The worst thing we could do is get out there ahead of ourselves, and then cases spike and we have to attempt a shut down in July and Aug. We want to make it through the summer with resources intact – then be able to make it through the winter ahead.”
Greg Felt
Chair, Chaffee Board of Cunty Commissioners

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Chaffee County Announces COVID-19 “One Chance to Reopen Business Safely”

Chaffee County leaders say that their message regarding the county reopening from the “stay at home” orders  for coronavirus known as COVID-19, is very focused on our own county. It is both promise and warning: “We have one chance to get this right.”  If we do it wrong, and cases begin to rise, if businesses jump the county’s timeline, if people don’t open social distancing standards, the county could loose its entire, critical summer recreation season.

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