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You may have heard the terms “Positive Ticketing” or “Positive Citation” but are unclear on what it actually means. The Salida and Buena Vista Police Departments have partnered to create the positive citation program which strives to create positive interactions between law enforcement officers and community members.

Any officer can issue a Positive Citation for any reason they see fit; there isn’t a certain criteria.  Basically — you can get a citation if you’re caught doing something good.

The officer will give people a certificate which is redeemable at both Brown Dog Coffee locations for a small drink or ice-cream cone. The program has been called positive ticketing, citation and contact but the departments changed the name from ticketing to citation because felt there was a negative connotation when it is meant to promote positivity. Salida gives out these certificates to both adults and youth in the community.

“It’s officer-nominated. When we see something, they’re doing that we think they need to be rewarded for, that’s generally what they do and what Salida does as well.” explained Buena Vista Police Investigator Amber Lee.

Image courtesy of the City of Salida.

The Buena Vista Police Department has been administering positive citations through the schools. Reminders are sent out a few times a year so kids can be rewarded for their good behavior.

The Buena Vista Police Department has handed out 11 of these citations since the program started in 2019. The Department keeps a record of which kids in the community have received citations and why. They hope that through the course of the summer, officers will continue to distribute the citations.

The Salida Police Department has been doing this program since 2017. They use funds from donations to support the program and they also put the program in their budget to help fund it more.  So as you go about doing your good deeds, you might just get rewarded with an ice cream or drink.