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CDOT workers begin reconfiguring the intersection at First and F streets Wednesday, Nov. 14. Consultation between CDOT and Salida led to the decision to eliminate the recently added left turn lanes (photo by Joe Stone).

Colorado Department of Transportation workers began reconfiguring the intersection of First and F streets Wednesday morning, Nov. 14, in downtown Salida.

Signal Supervisor Sam Sanders said CDOT staff members had met with Salida officials and learned that the new left turn lanes aren’t working well, especially for larger vehicles. “There’s just not enough room for that extra lane.”

Sanders said the changes involve traffic signals as well as striping and that a “split signal” configuration with left turn arrows would allow for left turns and hopefully help to avoid traffic backups.

Julie Constan, CDOT Region 5 traffic engineer, confirmed that the left turn lanes are going away. She is in town as part of the Future 50 planning process for U.S. Highway 50.