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Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is reminding Colorado residents that the Centennial State Park Pass is now available. The new annual $14 Centennial State Park Pass helps reduce barriers and offers income-eligible residents a lower-cost park pass to visit any of the 42 Colorado state parks.

The official stance of CPW reminds us all that “nature enriches our lives and that every Coloradan should have outdoor opportunities.” Those of us who live outside the metro areas certainly would seem to support this belief.

The state parks cover the full range of the Colorado landscape: mountains or prairies, rivers or forests, out in the country or next to the city. Take a hair-raising whitewater river trip, or kick back in a lawn chair and watch the sunset. Enjoy a family picnic, cast a line in the water, take a hike, ride a horse, try snowshoeing, or discover geocaching. From Eastern Plains parks at 3,800 feet to high-mountain parks at 9,500, the network of state parks offers a wealth of activities for busy people of all ages, or the chance to do nothing at all. You can play on land or on water. On a high peak or on the prairie. In the country or the city. In spring, summer, winter or fall get your pass and begin exploring.  you can download a state park guide here.

Apply today:

Centennial Program Application
Solicitud del Programa Centennial