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Central Colorado Humanists February 5 Sunday Science Program to Celebrate Darwin’s Birthday

The Central Colorado Humanists will celebrate the birth of Charles Darwin with a Sunday Science presentation beginning at 10:00 am. on Sunday, February 5. The program, titled “Genetic Mutations, the Heart of Evolution”, will be held at the Scout Hut at 210 E. Sackett Ave., in Salida, and will feature speakers Gaylene Stevens, M.S. and Pat Duletsky, M.D.

Central Colorado Humanists will mark Charles Darwin’s birthday Feb. 5 at the Scout Hut in Salida.

Duletsky will present some history of evolutionary thought, including the work of Charles Darwin, whose “Origin of the Species” upended then-known science.  Stevens will give an overview of the molecular processes involved in gene mutation, replication, and expression. this portion of the program will wrap up with some examples of how genetic mutation affects our daily lives and some current research into evolution.

A California native, Stevens received her B. S. from the University of California, Davis, in Bacteriology and pursued research there and at Genencor.  Moving to the southeast, she pursued research at Emory University and obtained a Master’s Degree from the University of Memphis. Gaylene and husband Ron are retired and living in Salida where she enjoys outdoor activities and volunteers helping people  deal with their utility bills.

Duletsky attended the University of California, Davis for both her undergraduate degree in Physiological Psychology and her M.D.  She did her residency in Family Practice in Denver and practiced in Summit County, the San Luis Valley, and Chaffee County for 27 years. She has lived in Chaffee County since 2003, and enjoys being retired so she can hike, bike and ski.

Central Colorado Humanists sponsor Sunday Science presentations on the first Sunday of each month. Each presentation is informative and features a science topic understandable by both scientists and non-scientists. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. and the programs begins promptly at 10:00 a.m.  Admission is free and the public is welcome.

In honor of the birthday of Charles Darwin in February, there will be coffee and cake following the program. Face masks are welcome but not required. Choose whatever is best for your personal health, but those with any signs of respiratory illness are asked not to attend.