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Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation Entrepreneurs program. Courtesy logo

In an announcement this weekend by the Central Mountain Entrepreneurs, due to increasing demand, the deadline for Ascent applications to the new Central Mountain Ascent Program has been extended to Monday, December 12.

The 2023 winter cohort program coming up in January is free, and the Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation is encouraging entrepreneurs to apply. Organizers say that it will bring business people with great ideas together with world-class peer companies,  mentors, and investors.

Representatives of the program say that the training “is changing the game for entrepreneurs living in rural Colorado mountain towns”.

If you or someone you know is wondering what it might take to start up a business, or scale a medium-sized business, you are encouraged to apply. The program has been tailored to support startup mentorships, provide small business resources, and support medium-sized businesses planning for growth.

For more information and to apply, follow this link.