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CHA Countywide At-Large Alternate Seat Opens

The Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) is seeking to fill one vacant seat on its Board of Directors, the countywide At-Large Alternate seat. The deadline to file an application is 5:00 p.m. next Tuesday, Jan. 31. The application form is here or you may complete the application online by scrolling past the job description here.

According to the CHA, in an effort to increase representation from the community it serves, “the CHA especially welcomes applications from those directly impacted by the housing crisis, as well as people of color and those with disabilities.” In selecting board members, the CHA prioritizes skills and the ability of applicants to attend meetings and participate in required committee meetings and ad hoc events.

Board members meet monthly to provide direction and oversight to the staff of the CHA and CHA can provide childcare to Board members, if needed, to increase participation. Meeting times for 2023 are currently being evaluated but may include afternoons or evenings.

It’s important that applicants for this seat understand that they are applying for an At-Large Alternate Board seat. Once seated, a member is expected to read all the board packet materials in advance, actively engage and perform any assigned tasks. However, an Alternate will only cast a vote if one of the At-Large seats is absent from a given meeting. The Alternate position is a good way to become familiar with the workings of the CHA, gain experience, and to be considered for a full voting seat as future openings arise.


Minimum qualifications for this position include being at least 18 years old, a full-time resident of Chaffee County, and having interest in and support for creating safe, stable, and accessible housing for Chaffee County residents. A complete set of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed is listed on the CHA web page.

In addition, desirable qualifications for this vacancy include experience in one or more of the following:

  • Recent Lived experience with housing insecurity;
  • Organizational Operations;
  • Housing and Mixed-Use Development;
  • Fiscal Oversight and Organizational Management;
  • Marketing and Communications;

​Questions may be directed to CHA Director Becky Gray at 719-530-2590 or

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