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Among the items covered during the Sept. 13 session of the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) the BoCC made the decision to cancel its Sept. 20 regular meeting. There were only a few items on the agenda, and those items have been transferred to other meeting agendas. The next session of the Chaffee BoCC is scheduled for  9:00 a.m. Tuesday, October 4.

The Alpine West Major Subdivision Development plan may still have more changes to it before the hearing, continued to Oct. 18.

During that same meeting, the BoCC approved the request for continuation requested by the Alpine West Planned Development public hearing. The major subdivision review is now continued to Oct.18.

Both the applicant and Chaffee County staff had requested more time to involve the Chaffee Housing Authority and to finalize specific projections for the subdivision. The Chaffee Planning Commission, which had begun a public hearing on the project at their last meeting, stopped the review and also allowed a continuance, moving their review to their Oct. 4 meeting.

The BoCC approved Resolution 2022-64, officially declining any and all county employer participation in the State of Colorado Family and Medical Leave (FAMLI) insurance program. The plan was discussed in the BoCC work session on Sept. 12 and then again on Sept. 13.

Staff analysis revealed that the current plans carried by the county are as good as (and in many instances better than) the program offered by the state. Commissioner Rusty Granzella made the motion to decline employer participation in the plan, Commissioner Keith Baker seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

A long discussion regarding the Boone and Peuser Minor Subdivision Final Plat, the subdivision of a tract at 10180 CR 190W, Salida included a public hearing. The request for the parcel, zoned residential, is to subdivide it into two lots of 2.54 acres each, with a .54 acre right-of-way designated for Murphy Road.

The applicants read an objection to the extensive findings and conditions applied to their application by the Chaffee Planning Commission, including additions to the staff report at a late date. They pointed out that several were added months after the initial report, and that a recent controversy raised by their neighbor was about improvements to a road right-of-way is actually on land that isn’t in their parcel. They noted that the requests for engineering and road work to widen the road for the section along their parcel, when the rest of the dirt road is also only 17 feet wide, would add substantially to their costs.

In the end, the commissioners agreed to cooperate on a motion that adapts the findings based on their comments, noting that “any future, large scale development will require future improvements to the road.”

The motion made by Granzella was “to approve the minor subdivision application with changes to the findings — deleting findings 8, 9, and 10 and directing staff to rework the mentions related to the area, to eliminate condition#4 approving the variance related to driveway standards and adjust finding 6B to state that at the time of the building permit application, a geotechnical investigation might be required by the building department.” Further, he added, “We direct staff to develop a resolution before Oct. 4 and circulate it to the applicant and the BoCC, giving the chair the authority to sign the resolution.”

Baker seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The commissioners moved into two executive sessions, ending the morning session.

Featured image: Chaffee Board of County Commissioners Keith Baker, Greg Felt, and Rusty Granzella. Photo by Jan Wondra.