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During its Tuesday, July 12 regular meeting the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) will begin by considering the recommendation from the Harriet Alexander Field- Salida Airport Board for D2C for the Terminal concept design and cost estimate. If it approves the concept and cost estimate, the BoCC is expected to direct the county legal department to draft the contract, assigning signing authority to Board Chair Zech Papp.

It will also consider the On-Call General Services Agreement for Harriet Alexander Field – Salida Airport with Dibble Engineering, which would also require a legal contract, handing signing authority to Papp.

The BoCC will move on from airport business to several land use applications:

Three Sixty West Minor Subdivision Final Plat
The applicant for this minor subdivision final plat is the Thomas C. Simmins Living Trust.

The request is to re-subdivide Lot 1, located at 10160 CR 190 W Salida, in the Freers Subdivision of 4.42 acres into two lots: 2.38 acres (Lot 1 with existing house, well and on-site wastewater treatment system), and 2.04 acres (Lot 2, vacant). The right of way for this residential-zoned parcel has been dedicated and is owned by the applicant.

Chavara Ranch Major Subdivision- Sketch Plan

Chavara Major Subdivision Sketch Plan.

The Chavara Ranch LLC is the applicant for a major subdivision sketch plan, represented by David Gertz.

The parcel is located at 9000 CR 140, Units A and B (Rural land); and 9254 CR 140 (Industrial land), all in Salida and is a combination of rural and industrial zoning.

The applicant seeks to subdivide 288 acres into 108 lots: 14 industrial lots on approximately 30 acres; seven homestead lots on approximately 80 acres (including two existing homes and open space). That leaves approximately 150 acres to be subdivided into 25 large lots of two to 10 acres in size and 62 small lots approximately one-half acre in size.

The proposed project has already begun to acquire community comments, reflecting concerns about the uses to which rural zoned land can be put, concerns over traffic, water supply, and the planned inclusion of more than 60 small (one-half acre) lots on rural land. A review of the sketch plan shows nothing else of that density in the neighboring area.

But the staff report clarifies that rural lots can be one-half acre if they are within a cluster subdivision; otherwise, the minimum lot size is one-acre using density averaging. According to the report, approximately 80 acres of the ranch will continue to be flood irrigated for hay production and livestock grazing. What it does not add is that east of this level of density are much larger lot parcels, and the proposed cluster density is not in proximity to Salida nor Poncha Springs.

The BoCC will also hold a discussion regarding Chaffee County Ordinance 2022-41, as applied to a major subdivision application from Ralph and April Ogden.

The BoCC will consider a request for approval of Corrective Commissioners’ Deed for property located at 16400 CR 384 to resolve the boundary line issue, hear the Chaffee County Assessor’s Report, and consider Resolution 2022-47; Adopting the Chaffee County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan 2022-2027