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The ​Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) adopted a proclamation at its March 16 meeting supporting local agriculture, ranching, and local food production.

The proclamation, introduced by Commissioner Keith Baker, identifies more than 500 total agricultural producers within the county, 90 percent of which are family operations, that contribute to the economy, character and community within the region and across Colorado.

Agriculture is a key element in Chaffee County’s landscape, economy and environment. Photo courtesy Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce

Commissioner Keith Baker read the measure into the county’s record, reiterating his personal support for local agriculture and the county’s recognition of its importance. He shared, “Like many Americans, farming and agriculture are in my family’s not-too-distant past, and ranching and the cattle industry are key elements of the Colorado heritage in which I take great pride. We should all appreciate local production agriculture not just for sustenance, but for the many contributions it makes to our lives.”

Baker continued, “Due to the nature of Colorado’s ag sector, focus is often centered on cattle production and beef industries, however, taking a broader look at the holistic impacts of agriculture, we know that if you eat food of any kind, if you wear clothes, or take pharmaceutical products, etc., you’re benefiting from production agriculture – its impact extends far beyond just what’s on your plate.”

BoCC Chair Greg Felt emphasized the importance of the agricultural sector across Colorado, stating, “I shared the proclamation draft with several members of the agricultural community and it was very well received. I am grateful to see Chaffee County adding its voice to the support of local agriculture.”

The BoCC reiterated that its continued advocacy for agriculture, ranching, and food production, proudly highlighting the values of the entities and individuals working within these sectors and celebrating the important contributions they make to the economy and community in Chaffee County and beyond.

The text of the Chaffee County proclamation can be read at ​​ and will also be included on Colorado County, Inc.’s website at