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The Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) will convene virtually for their regular meeting at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 8. To hear the meeting, connect via Zoom at or by calling 1-669-900-6833 and entering meeting ID #109079543.

Among the regular agenda items for discussion and action are several subdivision action items:

  • The Ogden Major  Subdivision Preliminary and Final Plat has been continued several times, most recently Feb. 1
  • The Tomkiewicz/Fortier Heritage Water Subdivision Exemption at 9540 W. Highway 50 outside Salida, is a request to subdivide 19.88 acres into two lots of 11.25 and 8.63 acres.
  • The Starbuck Jensen Perse Boundary Line Adjustment would replat Lot 2 of the Starbuck Trusts and Harder Enterprises Subdivision Exemption; Lot 6 of Embry Estates (Jensen); and an unplatted tract (Perse) to create a 60’ wide strip of property to be used as possible future public access to the Starbuck property. the parcels, at 7112 County Road 125, and 8080 & 8075 W. Highway 50 are a combination of rural and commercial zoning.
  • The Milus Plat Amendment, Lot 3, Lazy Daze Subdivision Replat will amend the 25’ setback on the west side to the correct location; to reduce the 25’ building setback on the east side to the County minimum; and to reduce the existing 30’ building setback to the Bateman Ditch to 15’ on the south side of the building envelope (permission from the ditch owner has been received).
  • The Brinkman Lot Line Elimination will remove the property line between two unplatted non-conforming parcels in order to decrease the non-conformity and merge the two parcels into one parcel. The parcel is zoned recreational.

The BoCC will also consider the final documents for the South Fairgrounds Property Lease.

Among items on the consent agenda, the BoCC will approve a request by the Chaffee County Visitors Bureau to Fund a Sustainable Recreation Marketing Project for Recreation Rangers/Recreation Adopters, approve an Airport Runway Rehab Grant for the Harriet Alexander Field at Salida Airport and approve Entering Consent and Subordination Document for the Centerville Ranch Conservation and Public Access Easement.