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On the agenda for the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) Tuesday, July 19 regular meeting agenda; the BoCC will approve an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Poncha Springs, Salida and Buena Vista in Relation to Opioid Settlement Funds.

It is also slated to approve the MOU (Memo of Understanding) with BLM and Colorado State Office for the Cooperative Development of the Big Game Habitat, Movement Route and Migration Corridor Resource Management Plan.

Ark Valley Voice file photo of Chaffee County Administration Building.

Three potential ballot questions will be discussed and must be decided by the July 29 2022 Deadline:

  •  A “Request to Support Chaffee Housing Authority Tax Measure on the Ballot to Acquire Sustainable Local Funding To Address the Housing Issue with Multi-Jurisdictional Resolution” as presented by Becky Gray.
  •  Possible formal action and direction of staff to notify the County Clerk of Chaffee County’s intent to participate in the 2022 Election With Potential Ballot Measures Reallocating Visitors’ Bureau Tax.
  • Possible formal action regarding Commissioner Term Limits.

Among other agenda items — the BoCC will consider ratifying the Bureau of Land Management ROW (Right of Way) for CR 397and the approval via the Consent agenda of several land use applications including the Bolin heritage Water Subdivision, the Ridley Heritage Water Subdivision, the Maier Plat Amendment, and the Bingham Plat Amendment.

The BoCC is going to consider raising the $20/hour fee for Colorado Open Records Requests (CORA) to $30/hour.  The move places the transparency of public records in question; as getting at this information on behalf of the public is often the role of news media and this is a 50 percent increase at a time when budgets for news media are shrinking. Less access to records means less public transparency.