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A major agenda item for the Thursday, December 15 regular session of the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners will be a review and public hearing on the county’s 2023 budget.

Chaffee County Commissioners Keith Baker, Greg Felt and Rusty Granzella. Photo by Jan Wondra.

The meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. at 104 Crestone Avenue (also available on Zoom) and the 2023 budget is planned as a 10:00 a.m. agenda item.

The public adoption of the proposed budget occurs in steps, the first being the budget presentation by Director of Finance, Dan Short.

The BoCC will be asked to approve Resolution 2022-80 Summarizing Expenditures and Revenues for Each Fund and Adopting a Budget for the County of Chaffee, State of Colorado, for the Calendar Year Beginning on the First Day of January, 2023 and Ending on the Last Day of December, 2023.

The breakout of the more than $70 million 2023 budget/estimated expenditures by fund is as follows:

General Fund                                      $20,329,928
Road and Bridge Fund                           7,269,900
Human Services Fund                          10,818,000
Capital Expenditure Fund                   10,846,000
Airport Fund                                               845,290
Retirement Fund                                        450,000
PILT Fund                                                 1,410,000
Contingent Fund                                                -0-
Waste Disposal Fund                              1,961,800
Conservation Trust Fund                           171,000
Insurance Reserve Fund                            810,200
Asset Replacement Fund                           460,000
R&B Reserve Fund (Bridges)                     200,000
Emergency Services Fund                       5,287,680
Waste Disposal Reserve Fund                   300,000
CCSE Fund – Johnson Village Div.               30,000
Facilities Corporation Fund                     1,033,100
Animal Shelter Fund                                    344,157
SRS Forest Payment Fund                            40,000
Nestlé Cost Reimbursement Fund                5,000
Marijuana Cultivation Excise Tax Fund     270,000
Lodging Tax Fund                                         708,000
Forest Health Fund                                       992,300
Rural Conservation Fund                            525,000
Recreation Impact Fund                              266,000
Unallocated 2018-1A Fund                         897,300
ARPA/LATC Fund                                       2,960,000
Chaffee Housing Authority Fund                518,960
Lodging Tax Reallocation Fund                   270,000
Total                                                          $70,019,615

Following the first step, the BoCC will be asked to approve Resolution 2022-81 (Levying General Property Taxes for the Year 2022 to Help Defray the Costs of Government for the County of Chaffee, State of Colorado, for the 2023 Budget Year).

Finally, they will address Resolution 2022-82; Appropriating the sums of money to the various funds and spending agencies for the 2023 Budget Year.

On the agenda are reviews of two major subdivision sketch plans:

  • The Cactus Flats Major Subdivision Sketch Plan would subdivide approximately a vacant parcel adjacent to 26532 CR 313, Buena Vista. Zoned residential the request is to divide the nine acres into nine lots ranging in size from .5 acres to 1.36 acres, with a connection to the Buena Vista Sanitary Sewer, but individual wells are proposed for each lot. Building envelopes have been planned to avoid the steep slopes and the 100-year Floodplain of the Arkansas River. The parcel has access from County Road 313 via a 40-foot easement across land also owned by the applicant.
  • The Cattle Creek Major Subdivision Sketch Plan would subdivide a 55.12-acre rural parcel into 18 lots, ranging from 2.47 to 8.45 acres.  The vacant parcel (read — ranchland) is located west of 10475 on CR 140, Salida. An open space easement of 4.93 acres is proposed at the north end of the property. Wells and on-site wastewater treatment systems will serve the property. A right-of-way dedication of 3.27 acres is proposed.

Also on the agenda; a Chaffee Housing Authority request to waive the building department fees associated with the Jane’s Place Project.

Those who want to listen in to the BoCC meeting may join meetings via ZOOM (ID# 109 079 543).   For dial-in information, click here.

For the full meeting schedule, follow this link.