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The latest draft of the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan, called Together Chaffee, is available for review and comment on the Chaffee County web page. But time is of the essence.

The public is invited to review and comment on the first portion of the plan, but comments must be received by  12:00 Midnight tonight, Aug. 19. Chaffee residents can view and comment on the plan here:

A classic view along the Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway in Nathrop, with Mt. Princeton in the background. Photo by Jan Wondra

The development of a new comprehensive (comp) plan for the county has already been a year in the process. The county kicked off the planning process in July 2019 hiring CT (Cushing Terrell) as the comp plan agency to work with the Chaffee Planning Commission. Chaffee Commissioner Keith Baker has been the liaison between that lengthy process and the Board of County Commissioners.

The plan is long overdue. The last comprehensive plan was done 20 years ago, at a time when the recreational popularity of the Arkansas River was just beginning to be discovered, the county population was much lower, and the economic base of the county looked much different.

The comp plan development has included dozens of community gatherings and this comment period is considered an extension of that process. Once the new comprehensive plan is approved, the next step will be to review and update the county’s land-use code to reflect the county’s priorities with the goal of protecting that which the county values.