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Chaffee County voters selected Senator Bernie Sanders as their preferred candidate in the Super Tuesday Primary Election, following the state of Colorado in their preference for the progressive candidate.

But in a clear signal that the Democratic nomination for President of the United States is now a two-man race, former Vice President Joe Biden swept the south in Tuesday’s Primary election; the projected winner of a broad swath of southern states from Virginia through North Carolina, Alabama, to Arkansas and Texas. Then he added Massachusetts and Minnesota.

A total of 744,690 votes across 64 counties were cast in the Colorado Democratic candidate primary.

Ballot votes for candidates who later formally withdrew from the race (Michael Bennet, Pete Buttigieg, John Delaney and Amy Klobuchar) are not in the state total. Those who only suspended their campaigns are included in the vote totals.

Unofficial results for the top candidates broke out as follows:

Candidate                    Chaffee      Colorado     % of Vote

Bernie Sanders                1,494              268,652        36.08

Joe Biden                          1,037              172,380        23.15

Michael Bloomberg          792               156,531         21.02

Elizabeth Warren              760              128,089        17.20

Tulsi Gabbard                      47                   8,455           1.14

Andrew Yang                      20                   3,388             .45

Tom Steyer                         13                     3,163             .42

Image courtesy of Business Insider

By dawn on Wednesday, the race in Maine remains too close to call, with Biden ahead by 1,700 votes.

The counting continues in California, where voting site problems caused hours-long delays in voting. At the moment Sanders is leading there in vote totals, but it appears that Biden has made the 15 percent threshold to partake in some percentage of California delegates.

“It was a good night …they don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing,” said Biden, about what some are calling a near miracle win.

Biden has taken nine states to Sanders three states so far, accounting for a delegate lead of 453 delegates to Sanders’ 373 delegates.

A combination of suburban voters, black voters, women voters and older voters appear to have created a wall of support for Biden that is nothing short of amazing, considering that only 10 days ago, some wondered if Biden could even continue his campaign. Wednesday morning, historian Jon Meacham called it “A historic turnaround.”

On the Republican side, President Donald Trump, as expected, basically swept the primary field, taking 3,343 votes in Chaffee County, and 589,180 votes across Colorado. Those votes accounted for 92.6 percent of both the county and the state vote.

While Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder Lori Mitchell had hoped to reach an 80 percent voter turnout in Chaffee County, voter turnout was 8,632, or 63 percent of the county’s 13,711 eligible voters. The primary results are still considered “unofficial” as the voting process includes an eight day cure period, to make sure that all mailed absentee ballots are received.

Featured image: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are now in a head-to-head contest for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Image The Boston Globe.