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The Chaffee County Assessor’s Office will be closed to the public on Monday, April 25 while the staff is moving back into their main departmental space at 104 Crestone in Salida. The Assessor’s Offices has been operating out of temporary offices since August 2021 while their regular office space underwent substantial renovations.

The renovations of the Assessor Office included new electrical and HVAC systems, replacing the nearly 50-year-old wiring and ducting infrastructure, as well as general security enhancements. The reconfigured workspace has partitions that improve functional space for staff and clients while also offering a safer environment that can better accommodate special needs such as COVID-19 precautions.

Following closure on April 25, the office will reopen to the public at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 26.

The Assessor’s Office’s main phone line is 719-539-4016 for any questions or needs.