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Chaffee Clerk and Recorder Lori Mitchell confirmed Monday that the Chaffee County ballot return stands at 21 percent as of Oct. 28. Of the 14,078 active voters in the county, 2,951 voters have returned their ballots. By comparison, during the 2017 coordinated election, Chaffee County had 13,351 active voters on election day. Total ballots cast were 7,328, representing a 55 percent voter turnout.

Returned ballots break out by school district as follow:

School District    Active voters     Ballots returned     Percent

Salida                    7,685                    1,663                          21.6%

Buena Vista         6,393                    1,288                          20.1%

The 2019 Coordinated Election is Tuesday, Nov. 5. Participating entities are the State of Colorado, the Salida School District, and the Buena Vista School District.

A state Blue Book covering 2019 state ballot questions was mailed to active voter households, but there is no county Blue Book.

Chaffee County 2019 Precinct Map.

For sample ballots based on school district, go to

The last day for ballots to be mailed out to voters was Monday, Oct. 28. Voters who have not had confirmation that their ballots have been mailed, or who are new to registering, will need to physically go to one of the two offices of the Chaffee County Clerk’s office:

Main Office
104 Crestone
P.O. Box 699
Salida, CO 81201

Branch Office
112 Linderman Avenue
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Those with questions can call: 719-539-4004