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Chaffee County Commissioners have no less than three public hearings on the docket for their 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 13, regular meeting. They begin with a hearing regarding recommendations from the Feb. 27 planning commission meeting on the Whispering Pinon Acres Major Subdivision, updates on the county’s land use code regarding animal shelter definitions, and the Heritage Water Subdivision exemption.

They move next to a public hearing to consider an agricultural subdivision exemption and follow that with a public hearing regarding vacation of a portion of C.R. 154 near the intersection with state Highway 291 in Salida. The request is part of the Salida Hospital District (Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center) construction plan, requiring the re-routing of the road further south than its present position nearer the Arkansas River.

Commissioners on Tuesday will determine, under the county’s Recreational In-channel Diversion Program, which eight county event days in June, water rights for the RICD will be at higher levels (running at least 1,800 cubic feet per second).

Assessor Brenda Mosby is on the agenda to discuss her decision regarding the Senior Property Tax Homestead Exemption and commissioners may consider repeal of the exemption.

Following the public hearings, commissioners will take up the topic of a road easement for C.R. 154, a Live Nation special event permit, a resolution covering the Oak Leaf limited impact appeal and an impact mitigation agreement for C.R. 301.

Commissioners are scheduled to adjourn to executive session to receive legal advice regarding the pending Rule 106 appeal in the ACA/Holman mining permit application.