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Chaffee county’s collaborative effort to complete a long-overdue effort to update the county’s comprehensive plan has been recognized. At the American Planning Association of Colorado (APAC) conference taking place in Keystone this week, Chaffee County was awarded the Community Engagement Award from the APAC for work done on the cohesive comprehensive plan.

The county worked with the planning group Cushing Terrell on the plan, which took until last Fall to complete.

The conference began on Wednesday and continues through tomorrow. Buena Vista resident Thomas Doumas, Buena Vista Planning Manager  Mark Doering, and new Planning Director Joseph Teipel were attending the conference and learned of the award Thursday morning.

The community enthusiastically engaged in the comp plan process. The lengthy development process involved a major commitment from the Chaffee Planning Commission, shepherded by Planning Commissioner Marjo Curgus.

“Way to go to everybody who engaged in this,” said Planning Commissioner JoAnn Allen upon hearing of the award. “Now the push is to convince county officials and citizens that the land-use code needs to be tackled next.”