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In the wake of an upswing in COVID-19 infections, called concerning by Chaffee County Public Health (CCPH) officials, three more local infections were reported this week, and more test results are pending. An additional case was added late Friday, Oct. 2.

The latest count released today brings the total to nine in the last week, and 30 cases detected in the last 30 days.

According to the CCPH dashboard report, the latest infections include a 73-year-old woman and a 31-year-old male, both residents of the north end of the county, as well as as a 46-year-old male and a juvenile male from the south county. All were reported to have had symptoms and are resting at home.

Earlier reported cases included three men in their thirties, one woman in her thirties and a 91-year-old man.

CCPH reported the two-week infection rate among those tested at 1.72 percent, down from 2.44 percent reported through Sept. 27. The positivity rate percentage may be down due to more testing.

Since the pandemic was declared, 347 cases have been reported in the county, not including 18 cases involving out-of-county residents tested.

CCPH has also announced it is in the process of developing a backup plan for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, or been in close contact with someone who has the virus, and who need a safe place to isolate or quarantine. The department is reaching out to members of the lodging community to establish contacts to serve those residents in need, according to Tanya Wait, COVID-19 RN with the health department. CCPH is requesting lodging businesses cooperation and say they would pay a regular rate for a room, plus the cost of a professional cleaner. Staff members would need only leave towels and toiletries outside the person’s room door, and the department is working with community resources to provide food and other supplies.

“As we have learned over the past seven months, it takes a village to overcome a pandemic,” Wait said. “We are proud of our resilient, strong, and generous village. We are grateful for your consideration of this unique request. I look forward to connecting with you about this vital provision that will lend to keeping our community safe from COVID-19,” she added.

For questions about COVID-19 transmission in the area, visit the county’s dashboard or call CCPH at 719-539-4510.