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On Saturday July 24, 4-H indoor projects were judged, and the results are in. The categories of the event include shooting sports, crafts and hobbies, cake decorating, cooking and gardening clove buds, animal sciences, woodworking, and STEM projects. Winners can be found below.


  • Overall Grand Champion- Nola Tracy: Avocado Tree
  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion- Cole Shively: Soft Maple Sugar Cookie


Horticulture and gardening projects. Photo by Brooke Gilmore.

  • Nola Tracy: Avocado Tree- Champion
  • Evelyn Hachmann: Garden Pests Display- Reserve Champion

Cooking 101

  • Cole Shively: Soft Maple Sugar Cookies- Champion
  • Hailey Hampa: Red Ribbon


  • Ian Helland: Bee Products Display- Champion


Cake Decorating:

  • Overall Grand Champion- Tanner Shellabarger- Antlers & Camo Cake
  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion- Waverly Moore- Raft in the Ocean

    Cakes made by Chaffee County 4-H members. Image by Brooke Gilmore

Unit 1

  • Waverly Moore-Raft in the Ocean- Champion
  • Zailee Saari-Flash Cake- Reserve Champion

Unit 2

  • Rivers Hill- Flower Garden- Champion

Unit 3

  • Tanner Shellabarger- Antlers & Camo Cake- Champion

Shooting Sports:

Shooting safety board. Image by Brooke Gilmore

  • Overall Grand Champion- Raymond Harvey
  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion- Trace Tweddell

Junior Display Boards

  • Trace Tweddell- Blue- Champion .22 Rifle
  • Caleb Moen- Blue- Champion Archery
  • Levi Windle-Blue- Reserve Champion Archery

Intermediate Display Boards

  • Emma McWhirter- Blue- Champion Archery
  • Kaitlyn Jones- Blue- Champion .22 Pistol
  • Tristian Jones- Blue- Champion Muzzleloader

Senior Display Boards

  • Tucker Tweddell- Blue- Champion Shotgun
  • Aiden Streeter- Blue- Champion Muzzleloader
  • Clara Streeter- Blue- Champion Archery

Intermediate Stand Alone Exhibits

  • Raymond Harvey- Blue- Champion .22 Rifle

Senior Stand Alone Exhibits

  • Aspen Stearns- Blue-Champion .22 Pistol


A work table built by Kaitlyn Jones. Photo by Brooke Gilmore.

  • Overall Grand Champion-Tristan Jones- Computer Desk
  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion- Kaitlyn Jones- Collapsible Work Bench

Unit 1

  • Emmett Hachmann- Pokemon Ball- Blue- Champion
  • Hailey Hampa- Cedar Flower Box- Blue- Reserve Champion

Unit 2

  • Liberty Wertz- American Girl Doll Bed- Blue-Champion

Unit 3

  • Kaitlyn Jones- Collapsible Work Bench- Blue- Champion

Unit 4

  • Tristan Jones- Computer Desk- Blue- Champion
  • Raymond Harvey- Shelf- Blue- Reserve Champion


STEM Projects:

  • Overall Grand Champion-Josiah Wertz- Ohm’s Resistor
  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion- Lucas Lin- Wooden Catapult


  • Lucas Lin- Wooden Catapult/ Trebuchet- Blue- Champion
  • Ryder Moore- Metal Framed Catapult/ Trebuchet- Blue-  Reserve Champion


  • Joseph Windle- Scratch Coding- Blue- Champion


  • Josiah Wertz- Ohm’s Resistor- Blue- Champion

Crafts and Hobbies:

  • Overall Grand Champion- Chase Shellabarger- Bear Picture Leather Carving
  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion- Jamie Nall- Hot Air Balloon

Photography Unit 1

  • Jamie Nall- Hot Air Balloon- Blue- Champion
  • Lily Sparks- Butterfly with Pink Flower- Red


  • Chase Shellabarger- Bear Picture Leather Carving- Blue- Champion

Ceramics Unit 6

  • Zachary Leon- Blue Mug- Blue- Junior Champion
  • Aberlyn Leon- Owl Bowl- Blue- Intermediate Champion


  • Meghan Anderson- Explore the World- Blue- Champion
  • ShyAnne Tweddell- Alaska & Beach Trip- Blue- Reserve Champion

Visual Arts Portfolio Pathways

  • Kamryn Everett- Dragonfly Painting- Blue- Champion

    Sewing projects. Photo by Brooke Gilmore.

Visual Arts Sketchbook Crossroads

  • Kamryn Everett- Horse Sketch- Blue- Champion

Home Design and Decor

  • Raeann Shively- Kitchen Remodel- Blue- Champion


  • Shiloh Wertz- Cactus Cross Stitch- Blue- Champion

Artistic Clothing Creative Sewing

  • Liberty Wertz- Game Pillow- Blue- Champion


  • Easton Hachmann- Fly Tying Hook
  • Sophie Windle- Tie Dye T-shirt