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The main arena stage stood empty after the stock dog demonstration was cancelled. Photo by Carly Winchell

The stock dog demonstration was canceled early on Saturday, July 29 leaving morning visitors to the Chaffee County Fair disappointed as they waited for the show to begin. The message was sent out on the Chaffee County Fair’s Facebook page at 7:41 a.m., a little over an hour before the demonstration was scheduled, but there was already a crowd at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds who weren’t on social media at that hour.

Livestock guardian dogs at work. Image courtesy of the Carrigans.

A lack of signage to indicate the cancellation at the fairgrounds left a little over a dozen visitors confused as they waited for the dogs.

Some wandered the fairgrounds wondering if they were in the right place, while others simply sat in the stands and waited until word of the cancellation finally circulated through the group.

Several visitors stated they came early specifically to see the dogs and headed home when they realized there would be no demonstration.

Local owner and IT Manager of Blue Tail Technology in Buena Vista, Mike Nelson traveled to the fair early with his daughter to see the dogs. “Bummer,” said Nelson when informed of the demonstration’s cancellation. He and his daughter could be spotted later taking part in the Catch a Pig contest held in the same arena about an hour and a half after the stock dog demonstration was supposed to occur.

The public could keep an eye on the Chaffee County Fair’s Facebook page for updates or notifications of other canceled events for the final two days of the fair.