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The Chaffee County Small Business Coalition was formed with the goal to focus on COVID-19 recovery efforts for small businesses in Chaffee County. One of its first efforts is a short survey to help it determine what support county small businesses need to chart a course for fall and winter 2020/2021.

The Coalition includes representatives from the Central Mountain Small Business Development Center (SBDC), The Salida Chamber of Commerce, The Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce, and the Salida Business Alliance (SBA). Coalition representatives have regularly been on the county’s COVID-19 Roundtable calls (which began meeting regularly last spring when the pandemic began) and have kept their focus on supporting the county’s small businesses.

“The goal of the Coalition is to be a single resource that can support our small business community through recovery and renewal,” said Small Business Resource Center Director, Jamie Billesbach. “These resources include programs to support small business development via countywide trainings, and webinars, collecting and dispersing information through streamlined communications, links to funding options, and offering free consulting and mentoring programs.

The SBDC has coordinated the development of this COVID-19 Small Business Needs Assessment specifically to better assess the needs of the county’s small businesses at this critical juncture. If you are a Chaffee County small business anywhere in the county, this new coalition needs to hear from you.

It is asking you to take this four-minute business survey. The request is focused on the upcoming season, “so that we can understand what you need to survive and/or thrive this Fall/Winter of 2020/2021,” adds Billesbach.

The survey can be accessed here.