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Energy Smart Colorado will be coming to Chaffee County this year with the financial assistance of Chaffee County, the City of Salida, and the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA). Chaffee County Environmental Health Manager Wano Urbonas will be the lead contact and program facilitator. 

Energy Smart Colorado’s (ESC) ten community partners serve 38 Colorado counties, with the addition of Chaffee County, working with rural communities’ non-profit groups, rural government agencies, and local utility providers to develop energy efficiency programs that help save residents money while encouraging local economic development and community-based goals for energy efficiency and climate action.

ESC’s community partners provide homeowners and businesses with energy assessments, recommend energy efficiency improvements, and support financing and installation with local contractors.  

“We are excited to bring the Energy Smart program to Chaffee County,” says ESC Executive Director Kasey Provorse. “The financial support committed by Chaffee County, City of Salida, a local donor, and SDCEA was instrumental in launching the Energy Smart program in Chaffee County. We look forward to helping residents learn more about keeping their homes and buildings safe, comfortable, and affordable.”

The partnership allows SDCEA and Xcel energy customers to get a home energy assessment at a discount. The assessment, conducted by a certified building analyst, will include blower door tests, air leakage analysis, and combustion safety analysis checks of boilers and furnaces for carbon monoxide and gas line leak risks in and around the home. The report will also identify potential money- and energy-saving improvements in addition to immediate health and safety needs. 

Support from local municipalities and utilities has lowered the cost of the assessment from $400 to $100. Those interested in a home energy assessment should complete the online enrollment form on ESC’s website,, or email for more information about the program.

ESC partners have been developing climate action programs that have led to more than $63 million in local investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts. More than 9,000 energy assessments in partner communities have resulted in over 5,000 energy upgrades. Participants also save over $ million annually in utility costs, as well as 28,858 metric tons of CO2

Featured image: The solar array just south of the Buena Vista Correctional Complex (Courtesy of SDCEA)