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Late Friday Jan. 14, Chaffee County Public Health Special Projects Coordinator Mike Orrill announced new funding opportunities for county non-profit organizations. Orrill is serving as an intermediary for a friend in our community who is offering several grants of between $1,500 – $5,000 each to local nonprofit organizations.

The details are as follows:

  • Grants are for Chaffee County nonprofit organizations only
  • Several grants are available of between $1,500 – $5,000 each
  • These grants are for special projects and needs that a nonprofit is working on, not operational costs.
  • Grants are not for specific individuals but for projects that have a broader reach and that further the goals of the nonprofit.

Image by Mor Shani. Courtesy of

According to Orrill, the grant possibilities are really quite wide-ranging.  Examples of past grants are:  a refrigerator for a soup kitchen, books for a reading project for inmates at the correctional facility, computers for a mental health organization, playground equipment or a tree-planting project.

Application narratives are now being received and should include:

  • The name of your nonprofit
  • The name and contact information of the one who is writing the application
  • A detailed description of the project.  No more than one page in length.
  • The amount of money requested for the project; this can range between $1,500 – $5,000.
  • Applications must be sent to Mike Orrill at

“There are a lot of nonprofits in our community that are doing incredible work, and we all know that funding can be a challenge,” explained Orrill.  “This generous offer only comes along occasionally and is intended to give your agency/organization a financial boost to help you in your good work.”

No deadline has been sent for the grants, but interested nonprofits are asked to apply immediately.

Editor’s note: these grants have no affiliation with the Chaffee County Community Foundation.