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This morning, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze ordered that all unincorporated county lands will go under Stage Two Fire Restrictions.

Fire topped Methodist Mountain overnight on Tuesday, causing the evacuation of several residential areas. Photo by Jan Wondra

“This is being done due to the dry conditions that persist throughout Chaffee County, the long range forecast and the possibility of diminishing fire and law enforcement resources due to the Decker Fire,” said Spezze.

Stage Two Fire Restrictions prohibit all open fires, including charcoal fires and any type of open burning, including permanently constructed fire rings. The only devices allowed are those whose flame is controlled by a valve.

“Cooperation with this order is critical to reduce the possibility of any type of fire,” added Spezze. “Sheriff personnel will strictly enforce this order and violators will be cited.”

Firefighting Officials fighting the Decker Fire have indicated that conditions for fires to start are at critical stage; with extremely low humidity, gusty and shifting winds and no moisture in the forecast.

Decker Fire Information Office

Fire Info Line:  (719) 626-1095



Twitter:  #DeckerFire2019