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The Chaffee County Patriots have planned a town hall for 6:30 p.m. Friday, June 8 at which Beth Ritchie from BV Hope will join critically acclaimed author John DiGirolamo who will discuss his new book, “It’s Not About the Sex”.

Organizers say the book features true stories of human trafficking.  These stories profile different perspectives: an advocate, a law enforcement officer, a survivor, and a brothel madam.

The town hall is planned for the Church Hall of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, 118 South Gunnison Avenue, Buena Vista.

While the topic of child trafficking is a serious one, it has been an outsized feature of several QAnon-themed memes. The presentation will include signs that someone is being trafficked, ten ways to protect your child, and the misperceptions versus the reality of human trafficking.

Between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on Saturday, July 9, the group plans a flag-waving at the intersection of CR 24 and Main Street in Buena Vista.

While in the past there have been a few missteps and a variety of flags, some promoting former president Trump and government disrespect, the group is now pointing out that the U.S. Flag Code offers the guidelines for flag-waving and that this will be followed: “The American Flag is the only flag that will be waved Saturday, July 9.  The flag will be displayed properly, held in a proud and respectful manner, and not touch the ground.”

The group is requesting that anyone making posters be coordinated to the theme and reminds those who want to participate that the posters will be viewed from cars going 30 mph.

Chaffee County Patriots say their group is “non-partisan and welcomes all like-minded individuals that love, support, and believe in the very ethics and moral principles by which our country was founded.”