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In this week’s meetings with the COVID-19 Leadership Roundtable, Chaffee Public Health announced it has launched a new communications tool: the Chaffee County COVID-19 Dashboard.

“We’re pleased to launch our local data dashboard today,” said Chaffee County Public Health Director Andrea Carlstrom during the July 30 meeting. She explained that a skilled and welcome volunteer had stepped forward to the public health department to help create the dashboard.

“This is looking at live-time local data,” added Carlstrom. “It’s important that people know this is still a work in process, but we wanted to get it launched so the community can see the transparency that we’re committed to offering.”

In a series of easy to see and use charts, the dashboard recaps COVID-19 cases. Data is available in a wide range of subsets including data like:

  • Cases in the last 30 days,
  • Cases broken out by location within the county
  • Cases sorted by type of spread
  • Demographics
  • Case comparisons for resident versus out-of-county positive cases that were tested here
  • Hospitalizations
  • Hospital capacity
  • Deaths
  • Statistics on total tests administered.

The tool, available here, is an easy-to-use statistical tool that offers data unique to the county.