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Chaffee County Public Health (CCPH) announced on Monday that it has received a $25,000 COVID Relief Grant from the Colorado COVID Relief Fund.

The Colorado COVID Relief Fund was created to provide community-based organizations in Colorado with flexible funding to address issues around COVID prevention, impact, and recovery.

The Chaffee County Public Health grant will focus on helping seniors and vulnerable populations connect to food, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other basic necessities during the COVID epidemic.

In Chaffee County, according to CCPH, food banks and nonprofits have ramped up their services tenfold to help those in need. For example, in just a few weeks The Creekside Gathering Place went from serving two community meal a week to preparing and distributing five meals a week for housebound and vulnerable residents.

CCPH applied for this grant hoping to bring in quick, flexible resources for these organizations seeing a surge of need like never before. CCPH has distributed the $25,000 grant among the following organizations: The Creekside Gathering Place, The Grainery, Ark Valley Helping Hands, and the Central Colorado Humanists, who provide hygiene items for seniors in the food boxes that the Chaffee County Community Center distributes.

According to CCPH Director Andrea Carlstrom, “All these organizations do an amazing job of connecting food and other essentials to housebound or vulnerable residents in Chaffee County.” In the coming months, CCPH says that it hopes to bring in additional resources that can be allocated throughout the community.

“This infusion of additional funds for the Humanist’s Personal Hygiene Project came at the perfect time with our seniors finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet during these difficult times,” said Jane Jolley, President of the Central Colorado Humanists.