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Chaffee County announced this morning that the Chaffee County Road & Bridge Department will be applying magnesium chloride on multiple county roads for dust mitigation and road stabilization over the coming days.

Logo courtesy Chaffee County, COlorado

The application will begin on Tuesday, May 30, and applications will be done first in the north end of the county, working southward.

The following county roads will receive dust control treatment for 2023:

CR 155
CR 161P
CR 162
CR 175
CR 187
CR 193
CR 194
CR 200
CR 220
CR 261
CR 261A
CR 261A1
CR 261B
CR 261C
CR 261D
CR 261G
CR 261H
CR 261I
CR 261J
CR 261J1
CR 261R
CR 300
CR 301
CR 303
CR 371
CR 390
Chaffee County Landfill

Chaffee County has 158 miles of roads maintained by the county, not including private subdivision roads. Questions or concerns regarding dust control treatments can be directed to the Chaffee County Road & Bridge department at 719-239-4581 (call or text) or email