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Chaffee County has once again stepped up for the betterment of the community. Many have volunteered their time during the COVID-19 vaccine clinics to support Chaffee County Public Health and keep the clinics running smoothly.

Miki Hodge, a volunteer vaccination organizer, holds a balloon bouquet from Salida circus Uncle Ed. More than 1,000 vaccines were given on March 5 at the Fairgrounds. Courtesy photo

Public Health Director Andrea Carlstrom estimates that 50 to 100 volunteers have come out to help at clinics over the past few weeks. This includes search and rescue team members, retired nurses, county, town, and city employees, and several average citizens.

Carlstrom explained “We are sitting pretty good with volunteers at the moment. I’d love to hear from service agencies on whether they can send staff to volunteer though.”

She added “I’d also love to thank everyone who has volunteered their time so far and the many donors who have helped feed the vaccination team at the Fairgrounds. So much generosity!”

There is currently no formal sign-up sheet and those who are interested in volunteering can e-mail Carlstrom to be added to the current spreadsheet.