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Chaffee County Women Who Care award elevateHER with a $15,000 award at their October, 2023 meeting. Courtesy photo

Chaffee County Women Who Care (CCWWC) has announced its final financial award recipient for 2023.

On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, local women across Chaffee County gathered at A Church in Salida to hear funding proposals from three local organizations, including  ElevateHER, Salida Circus, and Haven for Hope. After each nonprofit representative gave her pitch on how funding would be used and the potential impact of the group’s support, the CCWWC membership voted for the winning finalist.

“It’s always an exciting evening for the nonprofits and our membership,” says Heather Rupska, a member of the CCWWC steering committee. “Over the past five years, we have learned so much about the local nonprofit sector, the needs of Central Colorado communities, and how we can best support local organizations. Through our quarterly giving circle, local women make a profound impact and become a conduit for change in their own backyards.”

ElevateHER strives to foster self-worth and grit in young women through mentoring, outdoor adventure, and holistic wellness programs. ElevateHER joins three other local organizations; Mini Blessings, Chaffee County Habitat for  Humanity & ReStore, and Guidestone Colorado, as the four 2023 award recipients.

Daniela Wohlwend, Executive Director of elevateHER expressed her gratitude, saying, “We have been serving young women ages 10-18 in Chaffee County since 2017 with our year-round, out-of-school-time programs. We are going to use the funds from Chaffee Women Who Care to purchase a passenger van that will allow us to transport our participants during our programs.”

Founded in 2017, elevateHER is a Chaffee County, CO-based nonprofit providing young women the opportunity to cultivate resilience, fortitude, and tenaciousness while developing physical and mental strength through a unique blend of outdoor adventure, mentoring and wellness. Its year-round programs for young women provide the necessary transportation, nutrition, equipment, instruction, and mentorship for all the outdoor adventures we take.

“We believe that every girl deserves the opportunity to feel a sense of connectedness to our community while developing skills to become a successful, resilient, adult and enter the workforce with the skills, experience and confidence to be a leader amongst her peers,” explains the elevateHER website.

Countywide Impact

The CCWWC membership makes a huge impact and all dollars donated stay in Chaffee County. Total giving in 2023 was more than $62,200. The next meeting of the group will be Tuesday, January 9, 2024. The group points out that new members are always welcome.

Chaffee County Women Who Care was organized in 2018. It has provided a means by which women in the county can combine their giving to allow for more sizable impact gifts to nonprofit organizations working to meet needs and enhance the quality of life for all in Chaffee County.

For more information about elevateHER, visit