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For the second year, the Chaffee County Youth Alliance has found the resources to fund it youth grant program. The 2019 youth mini grant program has $10,000 available to distribute grant amounts of up to $1,500 to youth-initiated programs across Chaffee County. Grant applications will be due by 5:00 p.m. March 8 and award decisions will be announced March 21.

“The purpose of the program is to support positive youth development and youth engagement in Chaffee County,” said Communities That Care Facilitator Liz Sielatycki, MSW. “We mapped out the rest of the programs for the year to confirm the amount available for this youth-initiated program and are proud that we could raise the total grant amount to $10,000 this year.”

The Chaffee County Youth Alliance is an component of the Chaffee County Family & Youth Initiatives structure, sometimes called FYI. Last year, during the first year of the Youth Mini-grant program, some $8,500 was awarded to programs supporting youth including; Elevate Her, Chaffee County High School Teen Nights, Guide stone Farms, Salida Circus, Crest Academy, The Alliance, and the Salida Cross Country Team. Separate from that grant award, a partnership of the Salida Police Department Positive Ticketing Program and Salida Teen Nights received funding from the CTC Youth Involvement budget.

This year the team leading this FYI community program has created an electronic version of the mini-grant application on Google Drive, making it easier for youth to submit grant applications. The application is available at this link:

Applicants do not need to have a G mail account to complete the application. But if the applicant does not have a G mail account, they will need to email any attachments such as detailed program overviews or budgets to Sielatycki at