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Chaffee County Fire and Rescue District (CFPD) Battalion Chief Billie Cordova has died following a July 3 motorcycle accident, where his wife, who was riding with him, was also critically injured. The motorcycle accident occurred as the two were riding eastbound on U.S. 82 near Basalt. They were first sent to a hospital in Glenwood Springs, then both were airlifted to St. Mary’s in Grand Junction.

Cordova was a much-loved member of the  Chaffee Fire Crew. “Billy was a mentor, a teacher, a friend and so, so much more. Everyone of us have his voice right there both on scene and in the firehouse. He truly loved and cared for each of us as family,” wrote the CFPD.

“Chief Cordova loved this fire department and expressed such dedication, his loss is devastating,” the message continued. “As much as he committed to the fire service, he committed to this community and even more to his family.”

In a posting by Chaffee County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) they honored him saying, “Billy was a strong, constant on the scene with the Fire Department, at work behind the wheel with his equipment, and at home as a loving father and husband. We will always remember Billy’s booming voice, friendly smile and faithful service.”

The CFPD says that Cordova fought, but passed away on Saturday, July 9. The CFPD crew is asking for prayers for his wife and family. A fund-raising link has been set up to help his family: