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The Chaffee County Chair of the Board of County Commissioners Greg Felt has convened an extra Community Leadership Roundtable at 4:00 p.m. Monday, June 29. The county will use the normal Zoom coordinates – meeting ID is 137 340 360 – available on the county website.

“We have an emergent situation that needs everyone’s attention and we also have additional data that we need to share,” said Felt’s message on Sunday morning. “Please make time for this and send a surrogate if you are unable to attend.”

There is no further information available on the nature of the emergent situation.

Chaffee County leadership started these countywide leadership roundtables as the threat from the coronavirus known as COVID-19 began to grow. For weeks the meetings were done weekday afternoons, allowing the county to coordinate its response to the pandemic. It recently began to scale back the frequency of the sessions. Originally, its only  session for this week had been set for Wed. July 1.

“Sorry to drag folks away from other important work but this will not wait,” Felt’s message concluded.