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The Chaffee County Planning Commission will meet for their regular session at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 29 to cover two development requests. That meeting will be preceded by a 5:30 p.m. work session which will present an overview of a Dark Sky Initiative by the group San Luis Valley Great Outdoors. The presentation by Dani Robben, is expected to be similar to their recent presentation to the City of Salida)

Planning Commissioners will review the Three Sixty West Minor Subdivision Sketch Plan, which would re-subdivide Lot 1, Freers Subdivision of 4.42 acres into two lots: 2.38 acres (Lot 1 with existing house, well and on-site wastewater treatment system), and 2.04 acres (Lot 2, vacant).The area, located at 10160 CR 190W, Salida, is zoned residential. The applicant is the Thomas C. Simmins Living Trust, dated August 30, 2000, with Thomas & Mary Simmins, Trustees.

Next on the agenda is the Boone & Peuser Minor Subdivision Sketch Plan, represented by Mike Henderson. The proposal would subdivide Tract 1-R of the Hall Boundary Line Adjustment of 4.98 acres into two (2) lots of 2.524 acres (Lot 1, with the existing house, well and on-site wastewater treatment system) and 2.00 acres (Lot 2, vacant).

The parcel, located at 10180 CR 190 W is zoned residential. Based on approval, it would use a right of way on Murphy Road (0.454 acres) that is proposed to be dedicated on the plat.  Applicants are Taylor Boone & Kaelen Peuser.

The Planning Commission will discuss additional training for their important role in Chaffee County development, potentially using the American Planning Association (APA) Commissioner Training Program – Legal Decision-Making & Ethics in Decision-Making video as a discussion device.

Featured image: The Chaffee County Administration Building. AVV file photo.