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The Chaffee County Planning Commission will begin its regular, monthly meeting with a 4 p.m. work session on two topics that have received public attention in the county. They begin with a discussion regarding the county’s outfitting facility definition, and then move on to a proposed text amendment proposal that would reduce setbacks from marijuana facilities.

Work sessions are not public hearings and typically do not include public comment. The question of what constitutes an outfitting facility, last discussed in a November 19 joint session of commissioners and planning commissioners, has morphed into a definition that includes a focus on equine operations. Given the language it is not clear that the rodeo or fairgrounds would be exempt. Private, commercial and “club” activities are all regulated in this proposed language.

Addison Verrier and one of the horses in the 51:10 youth program. Photo by Henry DeKam,

“I attended a casual equine massage clinic yesterday held on private property,” said Barbara Wind. “[Based on this] the property owner would be required to go through this [Limited Impact Review] LIR process prior to having a few friends over?”

Those wishing to review the proposed definitions can view them here: LUC-Proposed-Changes-11.19.19-2.

The agenda for the regular planning commission meeting includes review of two subdivision plans at preliminary plan and sketch plan phases, as well as two public hearings. The RGP Industrial Park Major Subdivision Preliminary Plan is back on the agenda, after being continued from the November 19 planning commission meeting. The request by applicants Tracy Guccione and David Padoven is to subdivide 70.3 acres at 10000 CR 140, Salida, into six lots in an area zoned industrial/rural.

Planning Commissioners will consider an agricultural subdivision exemption text amendment from applicant and developer Karin Adams, that would amend section 5.2.3.c1 of the Chaffee Land Use Code (LUC). While that section of LUC currently refers to parcels “greater than 35 acres”, the proposal would change that language to apply to parcels of “35 acres or more” and remove the term “residential” from that section of the LUC.

The Lakeside Estates Preserve Filing 2 Minor Subdivision Sketch Plan would subdivide a nearly 5.3 acre parcel near Buena Vista into two lots.

Planning Commissioners will consider a text amendment to public posting notices for the Board of Health in a public hearing, followed by a public hearing regarding a text amendment regarding requirements for subdivision public notices.