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The Chaffee County Election Primary got off to a good start, with 354 ballots returned on Friday alone. The total number of ballots returned as of June 18 was 2565, representing an 18.6 percent return rate in the first week of ballot return. The Colorado primary election is June 30, and the Colorado election is conducted with an entirely mail ballot.

Returns by affiliation to date have been nearly equal for Democrats and Republicans, but the percentage of returns for registered Democrats is higher because there are more registered Republicans in the county.

The largest percentage of voters of one category in the county are unaffiliated (UAF) voters; at 5696, they represent 15 percent of all Chaffee County voters.


Affiliation           Total Registered     Returned      %

Democratic              3672                          859                     23.4

Libertarian                 107                               3                       2.8

Republican              4295                           849                     19.8

UAF                           5696                           854                    15.0

“I voted Chaffee County” 2020 buttons and stickers await voters at the Chaffee County Courthouse ballot box. Merrell Bergin photo