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Chris Kassar has been named the COVID-19 Community Outreach Coordinator for Chaffee Public Health (CCPH). Kassar will support the community as the county navigates a unified response to COVID-19 this fall and winter.

Kassar has been a Chaffee County resident for over eight years. She feels deeply inspired and connected to the community. Her desire to give back to the place she calls home and the people who make is special is the impetus for the work she will be doing over the next months. Her belief that community must come together at this critical moment will be echoed in her work.

Over the next few months, one may find Kassar out in the community offering education and outreach support about how individuals and businesses can do their part to contain the spread of COVID-19. She will also reach out directly to business owners and staff to learn how Chaffee County Public Health can better support businesses in running a successful, profitable operation that will also prioritize safety. The ultimate goal is to keep the county thriving despite the pandemic.

This will take cooperation, strategizing and working together to implement best practices especially as the county gears up for late autumn and winter. Kassar will serve as a liaison between the community and CCPH to much sure everyone’s ideas, concerns and requests for support are addressed.

Kassar will also be fielding complaints and concerns from the public. She will play a role in working with businesses to help change practices that are not in line with current standards for stopping the spread of COVID-19. There is an outline in the Community Outreach Plan for Businesses with escalation steps for businesses having continued egregious disregard for the guidelines.

Kassar said “It is, however, my sincerest hope that through honest open dialogue we can foster a spirit of cooperation that will allow you to focus on running a booming business, while giving me the space to serve you by implementing solutions meant to keep you and fellow members of our community safe. I look forward to working with each of you.”

Readers my contact 719-221-1184 or with any questions.